Ontraport Review From A 7 Figure Marketer That Only Uses Ontraport

Customer/Prospect Tracking – I can pull up a contact record and see everything they’ve bought, how much they’ve spent, what emails they got, and much more. One of the biggest support queries we get is asking for login credentials to our membership sites or products. With Ontraport I can quickly ensure we didn’t mess up, and see the time and date we sent them their credentials. And I can just copy the credentials from the email we sent them and reply to the customer letting them know when they were sent, the subject and paste the actual credentials in as well. 

Powerful Rules – This is huge, when a user takes an action, I can do an unlimited number of automated actions. For example: Someone starts their order process but abandons the cart. We’ve got an automated follow up system in place. And we consistently add 10-15% more sales every month with just this!

I can also take them off a prospect list into a customer list automatically. Send them a welcome sequence, a thank you card, and assign a task to someone on our team to send them a welcome email or give them a welcome call. 

Next Ontraport tracks everything I want… For example what my customers or prospects are doing on my website. What pages they visit, and I can trigger rules based on visits. So if they visit a page about our 1 on 1 coaching packages, I can automatically put them in a follow up sequence designed to answer their questions, and get them to book a 1 on 1 with me to see if our program is right for them. 

The other thing that really intrigued me about ontraport is helping me keep track of my customers interests, so we don’t send them offers and promotions to things they aren’t interested in. We sell products including software, training and coaching in the consultant space, local marketing space, and in the last few months have been branching out into new markets. And I have the peace of mind that my prospects and customers are getting the RIGHT messages from me, and not unrelated offers. 

At the end of the day, theres only 3 ways to grow your business… 

1. Get more customers – Ontraport has helped me to track everything, and follow up easily! Plus follow up in a SMART way!
First time buyers get an additional welcome sequence automatically to introduce them to me, and my team to build an awesome bond right away!
2. Increase average order value
Ontraport makes it easy to upsell, crosssel, do payment plans, and even trials. Plus I can automatically follow up with a buyer who doesn’t take an upsell or cross sell and help them ultimately see the value in the product and order it :)

3. Increase # of transactions
We run one time offers to customers who have only bought one thing from us, and have been stuck so to speak… Encouraging them to make a 3nd purchase. Its simple. We just create sequences with the purpose of getting customers to increase their purchase count by 1 every month ;)

The other thing we do to increase the $ of transactions is we take our top clients who have spend $x with us, and either send them a direct mail piece for a bigger better offer, or we get them to book a one on one session to help assess their needs… 

I highly recommend you take a look at Ontraport, its done wonders in our business and helped us grow 100% YOY. 
When you buy Ontraport through us, we’re going to give you an incredible bonus. Seriously its the best ontraport bonus. There’s 7 bonus’s to be exct. And the best part we use ontraort to run our 7 figure training and software company so we know a thing or two about it. And everything that we’ve added is going to help you MAKE more money! 

And thats why your looking at Ontraport right? More Money & Automation hopefully.
Ontraport Review

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