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Vegfest Brighton and Bristol Vegan Festival Fair Event

VegfestUK Brighton March 17th – 18th – It’s a Sell Out All 125 stalls have sold out for VegfestUK Brighton on March 17th & 18th at The Hove Centre, making the event the second biggest 100% veggie festival, fair, exhibition event in Europe in 2012 for those interested in finding out more about health, sustainability, [...]

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Vegan Fried Egg – This time it’s Real

Are you vegan but miss the taste of fried egg in the morning? Try the Vegg | MNN – Mother Nature Network As we are only a month away from April Fools Day I thought I better tell you about this quick lest you think I’m pulling your leg and tricking you again but like [...]

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Childrens Nutrition, Ingredients, McDonalds Happy Meals

Healthy Eating & Nutrition News: McDonalds Spotlight by Frugal Dad Do you think McDonalds are responsible for the health crisis of heart disease, diabetes and obesity? Do you think McDonalds should take responsibility to teach the next generation to avoid our sickly fate? Source: More Vegan and Vegetarian News at Vegan News – Health, [...]

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Is £200k Test Tube Burger Vegetarian

BBC News – Lab-grown meat is first step to artificial hamburger So is this Dutch test tube lab grown meat vegetarian? It would probably pass as vegetarian but not vegan or plantarian. Most food scientists believe that current methods of food production are unsustainable and this method of meat production is alleged to have a [...]

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Marmite Smoothie Trends in Google?

Innocent drinks – a blog about our smoothies and some other stuff Innocent Marmite Smoothie ? So it all started with Innocent Drinks blogging and tweeting about Cucumber and marmite. Then there was some idle innocent exchanges between @InnocentDrinks and @Thisismarmite on Twitter. Then either @Plantarian or @Omega3DHA put 2 and 2 together and made [...]

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Vegans, Sex Gods and Tantric Porn Stars?

Controversial PETA ad claims going vegan may make you so good in bed | Mail Online Once again PeTA get veganism onto the national news agenda. I’m not sure equating vegans with porn stars is a good thing , but it’s perfect fodder for the Daily Mail readers who love a good rant and will [...]

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Runner’s World Find Truth Hard to Chew?

Fiona Oakes Fina Oakes – Wonder Woman? or Masochist? It seems that Runner’s World found the truth about Fiona Oakes ( Leading UK Marathan runner who runs Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary) a little too hard to believe. Runners World have run a photo feature about Fiona in their latest edition but her incredible results [...]

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Quick Vegan Crepes (Just 3 Easy Ingredients!) | Cheeky Kitchen

Three ingredients are all you need to make these splendidly simple vegan crepes. vegan – Google Blog Search

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Bikini-clad PETA protesters hand out vegan Super Bowl treats …

Bikini-clad PETA protesters hand out vegan Super Bowl treats. By: | 02/03/12 6:19 PM. Bikini-clad PETA protester. Joseph Schell/Special to The Examiner. A San Francisco PETA supporter wore an all-lettuce bikini Friday at a protest urging … vegan – Google Blog Search

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Pus in Milk Costs 40% Dairy Farmers

Milk cheque payments affected for 40% of chronic somatic cell count herds – 1/31/2012 – Farmers Weekly A total of 40% of herds have more than 15% chronic somatic cell count cows, increasing their chances of having their milk cheque penalised to 92%. Sometimes you just gotta love the fact you don’t drink milk. For [...]

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