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Shaun White Busted In Nashville For Vandalism, Public Intoxication

Early in the morning last Sunday, 2 time olympic gold medalist and X Games star, Shaun “The Flying Tomato” White got caught outside the Loews Vanderbilt Resort. He was first arrested at the hotel near 2 am and consequently accused of drunkeness and vandalism, having caused a chaotic scene around the hotel that evening. White [...]

Triggers That Fall Under The Radar

Even the most equipped of individuals in recovery can be caught off guard by numerous relapse triggers. They may be diligently maintaining their sobriety by moving into a halfway house or participating in intensive outpatient programs and still get tempted due to unanticipated triggers. There are several fairly common relapse triggers that people are made [...]

Frightening Addiction Cures That Didn’t Work

Alcohol and drug treatment programs have advanced extremely far through history and today’s courses are not just reliable, but also rather pain free. Therapies have not always been so excellent however, many drug treatment programs throughout history have been highly risky and ineffective. Remedies have evolved from blood-letting and leech use to the present tranquil [...]

New Species Of Fish Found Off Coast Off New Zealand

Many people are familiar with blue and black marlin; these are standard species of fish that sport-fishermen and fishing fanatics alike may fish and talk about particularly on marlin fishing charters fishing charters. Interestingly off the coast of New Zealand a new variety was discovered. It’s not of the marlin variety, but is definitely an [...]