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A Quick Look At Trying To Get A New Passport

Individuals who want to travel outside the US must have a current passport. If the person has never had one before, they are required to apply for a same day new passport in person. The application requirements differ among adults, teens and children. What follows is an outline of the process for an adult application. [...]

How to Make Vegan Chocolate Pudding (Video) : TreeHugger

The Vegan Zombie shows us how to make a decadent chocolate-raspberry pudding that's 100% dairy-free. vegan – Google Blog Search

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Happy 30th Birthday Vegan Society NSW

Submission to a National Food Plan – Vegan Society NSW30 years of promoting compassion in NSW This weekend The Vegan Society of NSW will celebrate 30 years of spreading the vegan message of animal rights, compassion, sustainability and health to Sydney and the State. “In our 30th year of the Vegan Society, we have achieved [...]

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‘Vegan’ Still a Scarey Word for Public

Registered Vegan Trademark Vegan restaurants, bakeries find success downplaying ‘v’ word to attract more diners – The Washington Post I’ve met a lot of meat eating people who struggle with the concept of “vegetarian sausage’ or ‘veggieburger’ “Why do you have to call it by it’s meat name” they say complain. Why? Because if we [...]

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Episode 1

Oprah's chicken giveaway, a new vegan cookbook, and free stuff just for being vegan The Vegan News


Episode 3

Twins pitcher opens up about his diet, veganism and childhood obesity, and the vegan firefighter is still at it The Vegan News


Points To Consider When Requesting A Child Pass Port Renewal

Traveling internationally can be educational, exciting and culturally enriching, especially for young people. Even when accompanied by an adult, however,a minor who goes abroad must have a valid personal passport. When it is time for same day child U.S. passport, different rules apply to underage individuals and knowing those requirements can potentially eliminate frustration or [...]

Episode 4

Duchovney going vegan? The French think veganism is child abuse, and how toxic is your tofu? The Vegan News


Episode 5

Michael Vick working with the HSUS, A new online vegan store, and piglets are funny. The Vegan News


American Passport Renewal For U.S. Citizens

A passport is a piece of documentation that allows you to travel outside of the country and can show proof of citizenship. They are not hard to get, but may take several weeks for processing. Anytime your name changes, or your passport is lost, stolen, damaged or about to expire you need to apply for [...]