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Build it yourself Themes Thesis WordPress Theme Evaluate

With regard to web site designers and blog owners who desire a completely personalized and SEO-optimized theme, Build it yourself Themes has a fantastic theme referred to as Thesis. Thesis was made by weblog custom Bob Pearson and also blogger Mark Clark. Consequently what’s precisely wonderful in regards to the Thesis theme? Here’s a little [...]

Episode 2

Feeding animals vegan diets, etiquette for omnivores, and saving animals by killing The Vegan News


Interview with Gary Francione Part VI

Part VI of my interview with legal and animal rights scholar Prof. Gary L. Francione The Vegan News

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Vegan Women Get PMT say Dairy Industry

Latest Gotmilk poster upsets vegans & feminists 2005PMSandMilkstudy.pdf (application/pdf Object)  The Dairy Industry has suggested vegan women and vegetarian women who avoid milk are much more likely to suffer from PMS / PMT than their milk drinking counterparts. The next installment in their rediculous GOT MILK (should be got cancer? got obesity? got osteoporosis? got [...]

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Next Step: USA FDA Ban Vitamins, Minerals , Supplements

Dietary Supplements & Draft Guidance for Industry: Dietary Supplements: New Dietary Ingredient Notifications and Related Issues Next step in phamaceutical industry attempts to coerce world governments to ban natural herbs, spices, vitamins, minerals, and natural product supplements from free sale. This move is likely part of global corporations trying to take control of the worlds [...]

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Somalia: the Real Causes of Famine : AFACeAFACe

Somalia: the Real Causes of Famine : AFACeAFACe So are the famines in Africa as the conspiracy theorists would have us believe a consequence of American Oil company interests? These facts are easily checked I’m sure. We know Messers Bush and Son are the devils of the oil industry, is Obama now the stooge of [...]

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