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“I would go vegan, but…” Part II: the transition (and Raw …

Taking the decision of going vegan is not always easy, nor it is the transition. Slow or quickly? What is the better approach with non-vegan friends? (plus, a raw breakfast porridge recipe) vegan breakfast – Google Blog Search

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Me having a vegan breakfast with hummus, soybacon, velami and other yummy stuff on the 17th of May (our National Day). Photo stolen from Rebekah. As I’m (all three of us are) a vegetarian, it’s always a challenge to find food when I’m … vegan breakfast – Google Blog Search

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Time to play: Is it VEGAN??!!! Breakfast Edition « The Vision …

Is. It. VEGAN!!!! These games have been very popular here on the blog. If you missed the previous episodes, please check them out here and here. You know the drill, I list some grocery items (in this case, all breakfast foods), … vegan breakfast – Google Blog Search

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It Ain’t Meat, Babe: Vegan Breakfast on Via Rail

Breakfast was served almost immediately, and I must admit I was nervous. I’d ordered a “strict vegetarian” meal which in Via Rail lingo means “vegan“. But I had no idea what would actually be given to me. I packed some Larabars just in … vegan breakfast – Google Blog Search

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